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Berkshire-area voters able to vote on non-binding referendum concerning Social Security, Taxes, Military Spending and Jobs
- Public Press Conference at Northampton High School at 7pm tonight
- Public meeting for supporters at Monterey General Store at 5pm tomorrow

Berkshire Contacts:
1) Friends for Scott Laugenour
Lee Scott Laugenour, Candidate
413 551 9222 /

2) Massachussets Peace Action
Dr. Pat Salomon, Board Member
413 644 8833

October 15, 2012

On election day - November 6, 2012 - voters in the 4th Berkshire District and about one third of all Massachusetts voters will have the opportunity to send a message to Washington about some of the key issues that lay at the heart of the national election.

A network of over 50 community and labor organizations and peace groups around the state has gathered enough signatures to put a question on the ballot asking voters whether they support proposals to Protect Social Security, Medicare and other vital programs; Invest in useful jobs; End offshore tax havens and tax cuts on the highest incomes; Reduce the military budget and bring all troops home safely from Afghanistan NOW: and Re-direct the savings into job creation and public services that our families need.

Locally in the Berkshires the successful signature-collection effort was undertaken by Lee Scott Laugenour of Lenox and Dr. Pat Salomon of Monterey. Laugenour is the Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative in the 4th Berkshire District. Salomon is on the board of the Cambridge-based Massachusetts Peace Network.

“Scott [Laugenour] and I worked very closely during the month of June getting signatures at supermarkets, transfer stations, farmers markets and other public spaces. The federal budget places emphasis on war and bank bail-outs at the expense of needed social security programs. We learned that most voters were eager to have the opportunity to weigh in on this question on November 6,” Salomon reports. Laugenour added, “My campaign was already engaged with voters in addressing the failures of the Massachusetts budget and tax system when I began working with Pat [Salomon] in late May. There are major issues in both Boston and in Washington that will benefit from the new solutions that emerge from a larger debate and from new political mobilization and challenge.”

The “Budget For All” referendum will be on the ballot in 91 cities and towns around the state, including Chelsea and Everett -- meaning that about one million voters can cast a ballot regarding these critical matters of national policy. Evidently there has never been a non-binding referendum with more extensive statewide ballot placement in modern Massachusetts history.

For most towns in the 4th Berkshire District, the Budget For All referendum will be on the ballot as question five. In Great Barrington it will be question six. In Tolland and Russell it will be question four.
Laugenour will be speaking on this subject, along with Congressman Jim McGovern, Rep. Ellen Story and others at a press conference in Northampton tonight at 7:00 pm. He and Salomon will both be meeting with supporters of the question at the Monterey General Store at 5:00 pm tomorrow to plan mobilization of supporters between now and November 6.

For more information:

Laugenour's position on all Nov 6 ballot questions was published in a press release dated September 24.


We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.



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