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- Budgets must fund quality public infrastructure
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October 1, 2012

Lee Scott Laugenour, candidate for State Representative in the 4th Berkshire District, is calling for a $46,000 personal exemption on the state income tax.

“The current structure of state and local taxes results in a very unfair, un-American tax burden on low and middle income taxpayers. The legislature is responsible for the budget and taxes. My 5-term incumbent opponent, Rep. Pignatelli, and the co-chairman of the Joint Revenue Committee on Beacon Hill, Rep. Jay Kaufmann, have both publicly acknowledged that tax fairness is an urgent issue. The legislature, though, has been dithering and inactive. Voters are tired of 'listening tours' and of political rhetoric. My election will move the needle. Exempting the first $46,000 in individual wage or investment income and debating this aggressively on Beacon Hill is the first bold step to take towards fairness.”

The current individual exemption is only $4,400.

Laugenour is running as a Green-Rainbow Party candidate. The Green-Rainbow Party is a new opposition party that neither solicits nor accepts political contributions from corporate lobbyist or corporate officers. “I am firmly connected to the grass-roots and to the communities in the 4th Berkshire District, reaching out to everyone across the political spectrum,” Laugenour asserts.


Most voters and businesses in the Commonwealth are overtaxed, Laugenour charges, citing either or both 1) the actual dollar amount paid in taxes in relation to 2) the value that is received by individuals, businesses, and communities in public benefits and infrastructure.

“Voters whom we meet are responding favorably to the message that our taxes should be fair and that public revenues should be used to fund infrastructure that supports individual, community, and business enterprise. In particular, our health insurance and education systems are putting too much cost and debt burdens onto individuals and businesses.”

“My plan will lower taxes on anyone making less than $90,000 per year compared to the current system. It will also deliver $1.5 billion in needed public revenues to be invested in quality infrastructure that promotes health, education, and enterprise.”

To complete the re-balancing of the tax burden, Laugenour proposes an 8.3% tax on wage and investment income above the $46,000 exemption. To address the value equation, which is also severely out of balance, Laugenour asserts that the fair progressive taxes in his plan should fund health care and higher education that does not put individuals into debt. “Healthy, educated, and solvent people are what our public infrastructure should foster. Healthy, educated, and solvent people will start businesses, hire workers, be enterprising, and will build our local communities from the grass-roots upwards.”


“The value equation for tax policy should be clear and apparent even to those individuals whose higher incomes result in a higher tax bill. Tax rates determine what we pay, budgets reflect the value, and public programs deliver the results. At the moment health care costs are hurting even higher income taxpayers and small business owners, as are the high costs of public higher education. Local economic development is crippled either because individuals choose to forego higher education or because personal debt levels are too high. Productivity and development is inhibited.”


Presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently praised the Israeli health care system, which, very simply, is funded by a tax of 5% of gross income. The Israeli medicare system covers everyone and puts no one into debt or bankruptcy. “I doubt that voters in Israel would accept anything like what Romney and Obama have peddled to Massachusetts and American voters respectively; Israeli voters, instead, would have summarily sent those politicians packing. I am the choice on November 6 for voters in the 4th Berkshire District who want real progressive change.”

Massachusetts politics does not often offer voters a choice. The commonwealth ranks among the lowest of the fifty states in terms of incumbents facing contests in the primaries and in the general election. Out of the five Berkshire districts in Beacon Hill, only the 4th Berkshire District State Representative race offers voters a choice in 2012.

Laugenour cites his experience living and working in countries that administer quality public health insurance and education systems (Japan, Hong Kong, Iceland). “Although the United States was one of the first countries in modern days to introduce a model of progressive taxation and public education to the world it has not kept up with countries that have adopted and refined the American model.”

Real change can begin here in the 4th Berkshire District on November 6 when voters elect Lee Scott Laugenour to represent them and vote to bring open and meaningful debate to Beacon Hill.

Please also refer to Scott’s blog “Jobs Come From Enterprise”


We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.



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