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-Laugenour supports all initiative and policy questions on the November ballot

Friends for Scott Laugenour
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SEPTEMBER 24, 2012

Lee Scott Laugenour, candidate for 4th Berkshire District State Representative, is in support of all the ballot initiatives and policy questions that will appear on his November 6 ballot.

“I will express support on these questions when I cast my votes in November. I will debate my opponent on these questions if our positions are materially different and if it helps to educate voters about whom they choose to be their State Representative after the incumbent's current term expires.”

The Massachusetts Voters' Guide was published recently, providing information on the first three of the five ballot questions on which most voters in the 4th Berkshire District will weigh in this year. The Commonwealth does not provide a voters' guide on the two ballot initiatives that are not offered state wide.

The three statewide questions are:
1) Motor Vehicle Repair Information
2) Prescribing Medication to End Life
3) Medical Use of Marijuana

In Lenox, where Laugenour votes, and in most other 4th Berkshire District towns except for Great Barrington, Russell, and Tolland, question four will be a policy question, The Democracy Amendment Question, where a YES vote is an appeal to repeal corporate personhood and reverse the Supreme Court decision that further opened the flooding of corporate money into policy-making and politics. Question five is another policy question called “Budget For All,” for which a YES vote is an appeal for fair taxes and better budgets.

An additional binding question that will appear in Great Barrington will push the Democracy Amendment Question and the Budget For All question to numbers five and six respectively on that town's ballot. Laugenour is taking no position on the question, which is being posed only to Great Barrington voters.

In Russell and in Tolland there will be only four questions on the ballot. The fourth question for voters in these two towns is the Budget For All question. The Democracy Amendment petition was circulated in the Berkshire Hampshire Franklin and Hampden State Senatorial district, which does not include Russell and Tolland.

Laugenour himself took an active role in the successful effort to collect signatures in late spring for questions four and five. This was done in partnership with Common Cause and the Massachusetts Peace Network respectively, as was announced and further discussed in a press release dated June 12, 2012.

“Most voters like me have now received the voters' guide. Several public figures and pundits are beginning to weigh in with endorsements, some of which are reported in the press,” Laugenour said. “Candidates, too, should make public how they have and will vote.”

Noting that for question one the legislature, petitioners, and opponents of the question have reached a compromise that has already been adopted, a YES vote is not necessary to advance that reform. Laugenour will leave that question blank. The compromise came about too late for the question to be removed from the ballot.

In 2011 Laugenour was part of a group of eight Lenox Green-Rainbow Party voters who assembled a candidate questionnaire for the four Select Board candidates in that year's town election in May. The questionnaire asked each candidate to reveal how he or she had responded to a late 2010 survey given to citizens about which departments' budgets should be cut if the town budget could not be balanced against revenues. It also asked each candidate how he or she had voted on the four ballot questions that had appeared on the November 2010 budget. “When one of the 2011 Select Board candidates, in refusing to respond to the questionnaire, told us it was very 'unfair and inappropriate' to ask such questions it reinforced my resolve to work towards elevating the standard for transparency and openness that voters come to expect of candidates seeking their votes. Needless to say, I did not cast my 2011 town election vote for that candidate. The questions we asked were fair.”

Laugenour publicly responds to all candidate questionnaires that he receives from advocacy and interest groups that engage in voter education. These can be viewed online.

The Green-Rainbow Party candidate also makes public the votes that he casts by voice, by raising of hand, and by paper ballot at town meetings.

More statements and examples of transparency can be found on the web site.


We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.



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