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-Supports opposition organizing against undemocratic practices
-Rule 28 could have forced a vote on the expanded bottle bill

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AUGUST 28, 2012

Lee Scott Laugenour, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for State Representative 4th Berkshire District, has pledged to join the Rule 28 Coalition on Beacon Hill if he is elected on November 6.

The name of the coalition refers to rule 28 of the Rules of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, which allows a majority of members, by vote on motion or petition, to discharge any pending legislation from the committee on Bills in the Third Reading or after due notice from the Committee on Ways and Means. Members of the coalition agree to vote in the affirmative in support of any motion by any member of the Coalition to discharge any pending legislation from either of the committees listed above. Members of the Coalition do, however, reserve their rights to debate and vote for or against the bill itself.

In response to a question on the 2012 candidate questionnaire from the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Laugenour stated that he would "join the Rule 28 Coalition when elected and will remain a member as long as the coalition proves to be an effective mechanism of opposition parties and majority party detractors against the abuses and undemocratic practices of the majority party leadership." The Speaker of the House is Robert DeLeo, whose expected confirmation in January 2013 Laugenour has pledged to vote against.

In the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance questionnaire - question six - Laugenour offered the expanded bottle bill as an example of a specific piece of legislation on which he would have requested a Rule 28 action. "Grassroots supporters of the expanded bottle bill were let down once again in the last session when no legislator was brave enough to make a Rule 28 motion to bring the expanded bottle bill up for a vote."

Mark Eckstein of the Massachusetts Public Research Interest Group has told Laugenour that legislators are too afraid of "retribution" from House Speaker Robert DeLeo to have made a Rule 28 motion in recent legislation sessions, even for a bill as popular as the expanded bottle bill. "This is further evidence of the imperative for the kind of progressive popular opposition party that we are building, which does not solicit corporate financial influence," Laugenour emphasized, referring to the Green-Rainbow Party.

"I would have not hesitated to use my membership in a multi-partisan Rule 28 Coalition to advance the expanded bottle bill."

Laugenour's only opponent, Rep. William "Smitty" Pignatelli, is not a member of the currently-bipartisan Rule 28 Coalition. Unlike Laugenour, Pignatelli has not made any of his responses to candidate questionnaires public.

The Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance questionnaire includes nine questions on the category of good governance and twelve questions on fiscal matters. It also asked candidates to sign a Good Government Pledge by August 15, which Laugenour did. Laugenour's responses to all candidate questionnaires, including the one from the MA Fiscal Alliance, can be viewed online.

The Rule 28 Coalition web site offers links to a February 15, 2012 editorial in the Boston Globe and to a February 9, 2012 in the Metro West Daily News, both of which expressed support for the coalition.


We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.



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