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May 29, 2012

413 551 9222

Independent and Green-Rainbow Party voters have successfully petitioned to place Lee Scott Laugenour on the ballot in this year’s elections in the 4th Berkshire District, making this State Representative race the only one in the Berkshire County area where voters will be given a choice.

The campaign is about mobilizing voters to advance real progressive change, tax fairness, and direct investments in our jobs infrastructure, education, and health care budgets. “We will be effective because the policies and political practices that we stand for are popular and proven. Voters in the 4th Berkshire District who reject politics as usual and who vote for real change will be examples for voters elsewhere in the Commonwealth.”

The imperative for change is compelling. Health care and education costs continue to escalate, bankrupting individuals and crippling local enterprise in the district. “Ordinary voters and local business owners know that business-as-usual politics leave them snookered. We will move forward with expanded medicare for all, student debt relief, foreclosure protection, and public investment. These actions are popular, progressive, and proven tools for both economic development and for social justice. These initiatives will be paid for by fair taxes and budgets that deliver value; public policies and legislation will cease favoring corporate lobbyists and established interests that profit from the status quo, while the rest of us struggle on the other side of a widening gap.”

Making use of modern communication tools, Laugenour will usher in proactive transparency and grass-roots representation in service to voters in the district. “We will blog, tweet, and post the positions that we take, the values that we advocate, the debates that we engage in, the votes that we cast, and the legislation that we introduce,” Laugenour promises. “We will be relentless in exposing and countering the back-room big-money influence that pervades Beacon Hill culture.”

Laugenour has posted the votes that he cast at this year’s Annual Town Meeting in Lenox, where he lives with his husband Mark Woodward.

He pledges to continue this practice for roll-call and voice votes he casts in all committees and legislative sessions. Such proactive transparency will be a departure from standard practice on Beacon Hill; a recent ‘state integrity’ scorecard graded Beacon Hill with an ‘F’ on public access to information.

Many practical solutions to our problems are not debated on Beacon Hill. The House Speaker limits debate and thwarts the advance of good legislation, such as the expanded bottle bill. “I will not vote to confirm Speaker DeLeo, or any other candidate for Speaker who has a similar record of accepting lobbyist money, secrecy, and blocking progressive change,” Laugenour pledged.

In the 2010 district and statewide elections, and again this year, the tax returns of Green-Rainbow Party candidates are public. Laugenour’s state and federal tax returns for 2011 are available upon request by voters and media in the 4th Berkshire District. To obtain a copy, please contact the campaign’s treasurer, Jeff Turner by e-mail. When elected, Laugenour will choose not to take the ‘double dip’ travel expense deduction that federal law now unfairly provides to state legislators and not to ordinary taxpayers.

It’s time to stand up, take a step and fight for fair taxes and direct public investment, rather than sit back and acquiesce to a continuation of regressive taxes and public austerity. The choice for voters in November will be between voting to keep things the same or voting for real progressive change. The Laugenour campaign looks forward to bringing fresh debate and perspective into today’s political dialogue.

The geographic span of the 4th Berkshire District is one of the largest in the Commonwealth. It runs from Richmond, in west-central Berkshire County through the south-east corner of Massachusetts to Russell, in Hampden County. The district lags state and national averages in many health, education, and economic measures, such as wages and wage prospects for graduates. The Green-Rainbow Party primary is on September 6. The general election is on November 6.



We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.



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